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  • 1st Blogworks social media workshop concludes – Mumbai next?

  • 1st Blogworks social media workshop concludes – Mumbai next?

    1st Blogworks social media workshop concludes – Mumbai next?

    blogworks social media workshop.jpg

    Updated 9.37 am, 28 March 2007
    Phew! Finally!See all PDFs here!
    “Believe me the workshop was really helpful to understand the rising influence of social media in contemporary times and also the technology that is making this happen,” writes Tejas, who attended the workshop, “…a great initiative on your part to get the community together!” another senior participant. Grateful :).
    (have you seen the new yet?)
    Updated at 6.47 pm, 27 March 2007
    All PPTs (PDF) are up now. Files were heavy and I have had to remove images and content. Have had to remove all PDFs – the page formatting was totally a mess. Hope to crack this by tomorrow. Meanwhile, mail me your requests and I will send you the files by email till I figure out a way here.
    First updated at 1.12 am, 26 March 2007
    I just lost 45 minutes worth of effort trying to upload the presentations – there was an error – going to sleep now as we leave for Jaipur tomorrow morning. Updates will now have to wait until Tuesday. Apologies all.
    BTW – I was able to attend the initial part of Kiruba’s podcasting workshop today. I think he totally rocks and is among the most engaging speakers I have met. Shame I couldn’t stay the entire duration. Would have, had it been anything other than the monthly reiki follow-up meeting. Another day I guess…

    I started my presentation that day by talking about Twitter. Have you checked it out yet? It’s a rage right now. Everyone answers the same question on Twitter – “What are you doing?” The answers are transmitted to friends registered via: Their web page; Internet Messenger (IM); Text message on Mobile depending on chosen settings.
    Addictive and compelling – as connectivity, information are being put to great use!
    Go see!
    Original Post
    Got back just a little while ago from the social media workshop – even though it was a late, a few participants wanted to get hands on with setting up a blog and a wiki (and despite the fact that the match is on :) – Nice I think. Bidisha took Arpita through the process and I another group.
    It was participative group, all of us learning and participant feedback good:

    1. Anurag talked about his readings on SPI – Social Persuaders and Influencers (the top 2% or so users on social media) that one needs to address first to get the rest to follow – my key take away from his talk
    2. Kishore makes the audio file editing & cleaning up process look ‘so easy’ :)( hoping to attend the Aloo Techie podcast event on Sunday)> He also explained the difference between freeware and free software (latter being Muft and Mukt – Free and Freedom (to use as you want, change, mash-up etc.) and spoke about blog engines and other tech aspects of social media
    3. Sidharth had warned me and his fears came true, he couldn’t make it on account of a nagging problem but we got lucky as Rahul was able to take over from him. Webchutney’s work on Viral is among the coolest I have seen and I never tire even after watching them over and over again. Great case studies too.
    4. Nikhil, (among other things ) captured interesting aspects of music and social media on the Internet today explaining; Pandora; Radio Paradise and Radio Verve
    5. I think Vipender got asked the most questions. I asked him many too – after all how often go you get free consulting time from a lawyer :). Lots of clarity…

    I should be able to upload presentations and put links in the piece above, hopefully, by tomorrow (post part 2 of our last Saturday’s ‘language & customer service training module’.
    Like I said this morning, the process of conversations just got started and we take it forward from here…
    Planning a visit to Mumbai shortly to conduct a similar, half-day session, for a group of 10-12. Let me know if you are interested.
    Thanks all!

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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