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  • 2009 Trend # 4 – Social Media for Marketing, focus on RoI

  • 2009 Trend # 4 – Social Media for Marketing, focus on RoI

    2009 Trend # 4 – Social Media for Marketing, focus on RoI

    In my India Social Media Trends 2009 series, here’s the # 4 thought, in no order of priority.
    Even as corporate blogging remains amongst the most hyped up phrases, it’s really blogs & social media adoption for marketing, from simple (and yet most powerful) listening to pro-active engagement that’s catching on. This year…
    Expect Social Media adoption by marketers to go mainstream; focus on RoI.
    I had recently written this post sharing why I thought social media is going to be a large beneficiary of an enhanced focus on online media, in wake of the economic slowdown and a clear influence on purchase decisions.
    On the other hand, I expect adoption of corporate blogging to remain slow.
    What could the organizations/ marketers be doing? Let me cheat a little and paste questions we recently asked marketers in the recently concluded “India Social Media Survey, Brands and Corporates” Edition 1
    Question: If you are presently engaged in any social media activity on behalf of your brand/ organisation, please specify (you can select as many)
    1. We have a company blog (include internal blog too).
    2. Our website has interactive web 2.0 functionality allowing interactions through comments; syndication through email/ RSS ; podcasts; voting tools etc.
    3. We track what stakeholders are saying about our brand/ organization on blogs & consumer rating/comment sites.
    4. We regularly engage in blogger outreach progamme.
    5. We comment on blogs & social networking sites whenever our brand/ organization is mentioned.
    6. We upload photos & vides on sites like Flickr, YouTube.
    7. We have presence on social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Big Adda etc. in form of communities/ applications.
    8. We have a branded community of our own.
    9. We participate actively on micro-blogging platforms – example
    10. We use mobile marketing programmes to reach customers
    11. We invite consumer participation in product creation through online research and ground engagement
    12.Others, please specify
    One of the key concerns surrounding social media adoption/ evaluation has been RoI. With a sharp focus on value, thanks to the slowdown, combined with better tools 1, 2, 3 to track/ measure, the focus this year is also going to be on measurement/ trying to evolve an acceptable matrix.
    In the same survey, we asked:
    What in your opinion would be top matrix to evaluate success of a social media programme? Choose up to 3 that you think are most important for you.
    a. Registrations on website/ communities
    b. Number of touch points with the consumer
    c. Volume of user generated content
    d. Increased number of participants
    e. Increased stakeholder participation
    f. Mention of brand/ organization in stakeholder conversations
    g. Share of voice brand/ organization enjoys in comparison to chosen competition
    h. Focus that the brand enjoys in social media conversations
    i. Positive tone of comments, feedback, links, reviews, forwards etc.
    j. Connections & conversations established with stakeholders
    k. Impact in mainstream media
    l. Impact on brand awareness
    m. Impact on trust & transparency ratings
    n. Impact on sales
    o. Impact on product & service creation/ after sales service
    p. Support during crisis/ adversity
    q. Other – please specify
    I will keep you updated about what the preferred parameters for marketers are, once the survey results are out.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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