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  • 3 ways fashion brands can engage better through Social Media

  • 3 ways fashion brands can engage better through Social Media

    3 ways fashion brands can engage better through Social Media

    What fuels fashion brands, is the fact that fashion never goes out of style. They can constantly innovate and utilise social media to reach a larger audience and increase the brand recall or even to stay top of mind.

    The key to engagement – Branded content

    • Be it micro sites, blogs or creatives on Facebook, branded content has taken a step ahead with brands. Brands like FCUK India already have a blog and have been tapping into the nascent fashion bloggers space. H&M took it a step ahead with the announcement of launch of its first collection in collaboration with a fashion blogger.  Burberry’s Art Of The Trench is always on top of our minds and even Louis Vuitton in 2010 did well with its concept of NOWNESS.
    • Branded content is no longer restricted to websites, Facebook and Twitter. Apps have become the new face of branded content; be it on the mobile or on iPad.  Popular, high fashion brands like Forever21 India, s.Oliver India (disclaimer: client) have been using their branded properties to engage with the audience on a regular basis.
    • It is cost effective, long-term property and helps build brand association and recall.
    • Brands are not only engaging customers but also advertising with their target groups with these branded properties.

    Always required- Style advice

    • The good thing about fashion is that it’s everywhere, it’s popular and you never run out of things to talk about. People are always looking for fashion advice – what to wear, what not to wear, which color would work with their skin tone and which won’t. In 2010, a number of brands started doling out fashion advice and tips in order to engage with the users on a deeper level.
    • In the Indian context, places like Stylepile are popular with women, not only for posting their ‘style’, but also rating others and drawing inspirations. Internationally, concepts like Fashism,  HonestlyNow, etc. are all about second opinions. These communities are evolving every day with various profiles of people, also from the fashion space logging in.

    Get inspired, blog, design and sell

    Where users are looking towards Internet for fashion advice, it is now evident that fashion experts, start-ups and magazines are looking for them online as well.

    • We can say blogging is just the first step to get noticed in the industry.  People are creating new opportunities every day – you can share your blogs with Vogue India, express your style with Polyvore to become a fashion stylist that people look forward to, or just show off your style with places like StylePile or Weardrobe. For a serious, creative genius, Etsy just fits the bill perfectly. Fashion brands like Wills Lifestyle have organised contests for fashion  students too, giving them a chance to make a debut in the world of fashion.
    • Innovation is what sets this industry apart and you can experience the same online too. Concepts like Garmz is a resource for fashion designers and students. As a designer you can get a chance to be put up in Garmz online store, however, the best designs are chosen basis the community’s favourites. Similarly, Boutiques – a product of Google, lets you create and follow boutiques – but online. The good part is that basis your choices, you constantly get recommendations, which leads to discovery.

    Have you been noticing any interesting and innovative trends in the social media fashion space in India? Do let me know!

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