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  • A mobile business idea for social good

  • A mobile business idea for social good

    A mobile business idea for social good

    Here is a business idea that many of  my entrepreneur friends can deliver without much difficulty – the humble sms could save the day.

    The idea is simple; the solution already exists, and is most likely used by the category overseas; the business is scalable; the case has significant social impact; and, everyone – but one party – gains.

    The situation

    Imagine you leave the office early, making your way through heavy traffic, to collect an elderly family member for a doctor’s appointment at the private OPD of a reputed hospital. The doctor is supposed to start seeing patients from 4 pm onwards, your turn, at #7 would likely come by 5 pm, according to the help desk.

    You arrive at the hospital, sharp at 5pm.

    The doctor is yet to arrive, you are likely going to wait another hour and a half. The scene is maddening – the OPD is overflowing with patients and accompanying attendants, there aren’t enough seats to accomodate all. The 5 star cafeteria is doing thriving business.

    The Solution

    You wonder why the hospital couldn’t have sent you a text message, saving you the rush, the wait, the avoidable exposure to infected air at the hospital? Taxi fleets use it, as do umpteen other businesses.

    All it would take is an enterprise level solution for hospitals, which logs the doctor’s arrival and updates subscribers – patients lined up for that session – about the expected wait time as cases get handled.  Private doctors could adopt the service too.

    Imagine the goodwill that the hospital would earn, the pressure eased on infrascture, the streamlining of operations and much more.

    Everyone wins, other than the cafeteria I mean. Do any hospitals in India already offer such a facility?

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