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  • A year of being, Blogworks. We complete a year today!

  • A year of being, Blogworks. We complete a year today!

    A year of being, Blogworks. We complete a year today!


    It’s difficult to pin exact dates to things like this.
    When did Blogworks really get seeded?
    In June 2006, when I decided to move on from my previous job, I was toying with the idea of doing something in the blog/ social media space (the other being moving to Mumbai to finally be a part of the movie business – relax, to market movies, not to act in them! :)
    Even though I had been intuitively following the space for a bit, it wasn’t until I attended Kishore’s talk, more than two and half years ago (?), that I formally started to pursue the idea.
    I first shared the Blogworks concept with my friendAlok, then a client, as I served my last week at work and then with my former team on the last day.
    At a talk on Blogs that FMCC invited to me speak at in October 2006, I first shared the Blogworks logo with participants. But it was really THAT walk – November 2006 – at Lodhi Garden, with the writing that followed right there, which allowed me to pen the objectives and business note.
    Sunil, became my sounding board before I was able to share the story with Namita and Bidisha – both had some time available for the new project and became my colleagues at Blogworks, again, having been colleagues earlier too. I was looking at 100% heart capital, even if not 100% time capital, so it worked for all. New participants too have, of course, come in since…
    Guru worked all night on 23 December last year, to have the site design ready by the next day. We HAD to be live by 26 December as IMPACT was carrying text from our first “Blog the Talk” series.
    We went live 26 December, 2006 and complete a year today!
    It has been an interesting year…
    Many milestones we had set, were achieved early on, but the ‘business’ milestones took somewhat longer. Entrepreneurs turn philosophers sometimes and it was somewhere around then that I crafted this:
    “Sometimes a seed doesn’t need more water to become a sapling, it needs more time!
    Not only was a new business being seeded, but a new concept of conversational marketing, delivered through blogs and social media was being introduced. We were attempting a new kind of consultancy.
    Many myths needed to dispelled; many questions needed to be answered – credibility of blogs, blogs being casual diaries, ROI of social media, fear of losing control on the message, fear of negative comments. All the questions were (and stay) relevant, for brand and corporate reputation needs years of nurturing and we can’t be careful enough.
    Some of these have been answered. However, the space is too dynamic – new developments are taking place each day. Users are writing new rules; marketers are making new mistakes; there are new learnings, each day.
    Workshops, seminars, writings and some client work kept us busy for the initial part of the year. Client work, workshops, seminars and writing has us very busy for the last few months :).
    None of this would have been possible without the affection, help and support (and yes, the loans :)) that Blogworks received from all directions – many times without asking, mostly with no expectations of anything in return.
    There’s no way I could mention all the people (including all those who visit this site every day) who have helped us on the way. Thank you all – grateful.
    Here, though, are just a few Blogworks regulars, friends, family, business partners, clients and colleagues who contributed in their special way.
    No links; going alphabetically:

    1. Aanchal Chachra
    2. Aditya Burman
    3. Ajay Jain
    4. Alok Mittal
    5. Aishwarya Rao
    6. Amit Pasricha
    7. Amit Ranjan
    8. Amita Malhotra
    9. Anuradha Agnihotri
    10. Anita Vasudeva
    11. Anurag Batra
    12. Arindam Basu
    13. Aseem Sood
    14. Ash Nallawalla
    15. Ashwani Singla
    16. Atul Sharma
    17. Bidisha Dey
    18. Charlie Moran
    19. Chhavi Sachdev
    20. Daksh Sharma
    21. Dan Sandhu
    22. David Jensen
    23. Deepa Dey
    24. Deepak Thakkar
    25. Deepti Dang
    26. Devdutt Pattanaik
    27. Dina Mehta
    28. G Rajaraman
    29. Gaurav Mishra
    30. Geoff Livingston
    31. Gokul Krishnanmurti
    32. Govindraj Ethiraj
    33. Gurunandan Bhat
    34. Gurpreet Wasi
    35. Guy Kawasaki
    36. Harish Bhat
    37. Harish Jagtiani
    38. Hemal Panchamia
    39. Janani Gopalakrishnan
    40. Jinal Shah
    41. John Lynch
    42. Kalyan Kar
    43. Kapil Ohri
    44. Kapil Gupta
    45. Kirti Joshi
    46. Kishore Bhargava
    47. Kris Nair
    48. Larissa Fair
    49. Mahesh L
    50. Mangesh L
    51. Manish Vij
    52. Moksh Juneja
    53. N Madhavan
    54. Namita Arora
    55. Namita Unnikrishnan
    56. Narender Bhambhani
    57. Neeta Shenoy
    58. Nidhi Dewan
    59. Nikhil Pahwa
    60. Niloufer Wadia
    61. Nirmala Balakrishnan
    62. Palin Ningthoujam
    63. Phanindra K Chauhary
    64. Piya Kochhar
    65. Prasun Peter
    66. Prema Sagar
    67. Prerna Gupta
    68. Ramanujam Sridhar
    69. Ramesh Jude Thomas
    70. Rajesh Mehta
    71. Rajesh Barnwal
    72. Rajesh Sheshadri
    73. Rajiv Malhotra
    74. Rekha I Nambiar
    75. Richa Dubey
    76. Rohini Chopra
    77. Rohinton Maloo
    78. Rohit Bhargava
    79. Rohit Sardana
    80. Rahul Nanda
    81. Rakesh Mahajan
    82. Rajeev Malhotra
    83. Saajal Mukherjee
    84. Sairee Chahal
    85. Sandeep Sridhar
    86. Sangeeta L
    87. Santosh L
    88. Satyabrata Dam
    89. Saumya Meattle
    90. Shefali Mahadevia
    91. Shamit Khemka
    92. Shalini Gupta
    93. Shuchi Sarkar
    94. Sidharth Rao
    95. Simeran Bhasin
    96. Soumya Dev
    97. Sunil Malhotra
    98. Suparna Mitra
    99. Surabhi Philip
    100. Suresh Vinayak
    101. Tina Mahajan
    102. Tod Andrlik
    103. Toby Bloomberg
    104. Vandana Sandhir
    105. Vidhya Srinivasan
    106. Vijay Nair
    107. Vikas Malhotra
    108. Vipender Mann
    109. Vivaan Gideon

    Milestones are in place for this year. We will attempt to grow quickly and consolidate our position – Team Blogworks is all excited.
    If there anything called the 1st mover advantage? Real life situations may suggest otherwise. That the social media space is so dynamic and many who are attempting to enter are struggling somewhat, is a consolation. It will, however, be constant innovation coupled with our collaborative but disciplined approach that will hopefully allow us to reach our goals.
    The market is growing and there are new opportunities abound. Also there is The News Alliance that remains to be done.
    Here’s to year two of this exciting journey together. Cheers!
    Update: You guessed it right – L = Lalwani and yes my dearest father is one of them. He is indeed my strongest pillar :).

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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