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    Time now for a commercial break But then, gamers don’t take breaks! Sorry! :)
    Gaming is engagement, action and games can have a cult following – makings of a great branding opportunity and many brands are already ‘playing’.
    However, because top-end game associations can be expensive, it can be a tricky call too – how much branding is too much branding? When does it become intrusive to the gaming experience? And maybe defeat the purpose!
    I chanced upon this case-study on Puma and their tie-up with Sony on its game Wipeout Pure. I can’t really comment about this particular instance without having played the game, but do check out the slideshow as a generic question.
    What do you think about in-game branding? Do share your experiences with any such games you may have played or as a marketer participated in with brand promotions.

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