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  • Allen Solly celebrates ‘Hot Fridays’!

  • Allen Solly celebrates ‘Hot Fridays’!

    Allen Solly celebrates ‘Hot Fridays’!

    For the launch of its new collection, Allen Solly put up a hoarding at a popular Bangalore mall, with 52 shirts stuck to it. People had to complete the tweet “I love Fridays because…” with the hashtag #RainingSolly and mention @allensolly to participate, along with another hastag that was announced at the venue. The first five tweets with the right set of hashtags won a shirt from the Allen Solly’s new ‘Hot Fridays’ collection.

    We conceptualised a way to take the small on-ground activity online, and involve the entire Allen Solly community. Via a Facebook application, the entire event was live-streamed to Allen Solly fans, which enabled us to scale up the event, and take it beyond the confines of the area where it was happening. The launch reached a community over over 500,000 people over the country. A perfect amalgamation of multi-media where offline activity crossed paths with social media and video relaying, thus creating an almost seamless bond of content creation and dissemination.


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