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  • An idea whose time is gone – India Bloggers Directory

  • An idea whose time is gone – India Bloggers Directory

    An idea whose time is gone – India Bloggers Directory

    Sometimes you can find out the results only after attempting to do it.
    When we announced the Blogworks “India Bloggers Directory” – Edition 1 in April, we wanted to give some stakeholders a consolidated, one page view about a blog author, contacts, subjects they write about etc. and the detailed questions on the submission form reflected that.
    Many blog authors got back early with suggestions to cut down the number of fields, but we believe that doing so would have impacted the purpose of doing the directory.
    Submissions have been a mere trickle – just over a hundred I think. Many attempts to reach out via Facebook Ads, outreach, blog posts by friends urging bloggers to submit details and personal requests from me haven’t made much of the difference. We were clear that we weren’t going to write the bios at our end, though that was/ is a choice available to us. Blog authors had to participate first hand and help create the content.
    The lack of desire to fill in the details is being ascribed to the form being lengthy. My own assessment, validated by peers who I have discussed the issue with is, that the number of blog authors/ people on Twitter have simply grown too large and are widely dispersed. Opt-in lists that worked with a smaller community are simply inadequate to reach this large, dispersed mass.
    We are clear that rather than bring out something that lacks the width and depth, we’d not pursue the project any further.
    What helped us make the decision, and why today, is a mail response that I shot to a group (some of you maybe reading this) asking questions regarding the relevance/ need of something else around the Indian Blogosphere/ Live Web (a term that I like better) that we are trying to do.
    The India Bloggers Directory is perhaps an idea whose time is gone.
    Thank you all who took the time to fill in your details, I do hope that we are able to make it worth your while in some way in the future.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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