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  • An Ode to Social Media

    An Ode to Social Media

    I wrote this  after a long day at work as a note on my phone. Found it amusing, thought may resonate with some others too. Here it is – An Ode to Social Media :)

    An age of distractions and disdain has come to be our generation’s bane.

    You are called a cynic who can only whine,

    If you “unfollow” the principle of, I scratch your back and you mine.

    Humility is buried 100ft in the land,

    For the ‘just’ cause of nurturing the ‘personal brand’.

    You are a success from the word go,

    If you, yourself, say so!

    Just like your mother who labours to maintain her cups and pans

    You got to show devotion to your followers and fans.

    To be at the centre of attention requires no inspiration from a muse

    All it takes is a potshot and the fine art of hurling abuse

    Lest o reader you think I am all bitter

    or you judge my writing to be a piece of litter

    Let me confess what is a sign of our common weakness to fritter and this poem’s final hook –

    Both of us can’t do without Twitter or Facebook!

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