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  • Bangalore Friday – One Meeting Window.

  • Bangalore Friday – One Meeting Window.

    Bangalore Friday – One Meeting Window.

    I am in Bangalore on Friday, 3 August and might have a window for one meeting around 3 pm or so, around Airport Road.
    If someone had a thought, let me know via email, by this evening.
    UPDATE: 4 August, 11.45 am.
    New assignment, great client to work with – the brand and the people – nice sandwich & shake lunch together. Great start!
    Last minute interaction fixed at Corporate Voice Shandwick, based on request from Melissa who heads ‘South’ for them. I have delivered a talk at the Delhi office earlier and was glad that I was able to meet the gang in Bangalore – exited about the social media space and eager to know more. Mr. Shiv Reddy, CEO made time to join in and it was great to see the simple, direct approach to things.
    I landed at Bangalore Central, the mall, and walked a few miles back – enjoying the trees , comparing the ones I know from Delhi and discovering new ones from Bangalore. Why did I walk? PM’s cavalcade was to pass and the traffic was held up. The weather was brilliant, lovely breeze, micro drizzle – me, laptop on my back, enjoyed the walk instead.
    One more meeting; one friend who couldn’t meet; bumped into a couple at the airport.
    Ya, Bangalore is nice!

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