• Harley-Davidson



    the pool of the relevant audience

    the online clutter

    brand from social media onslaught


    360 degrees digital led by:

    Frequent campaigns featuring big ideas & micro-campaigns

    Integrated influencer programmes

    • To actively influence fence-sitters to drop status-quo.
    • Activities and engagements to elevate stature of existing owners.
    • Together and separately communicate with and engage cruiser and city segments.


    The Freedom Stories

      Harley spells a start to every day freedom for the city bikers.

      Harley spells a start to promise of freedom for the cruiser segment.

    – Concept

    • To showcase unique positive stories about real people (Harley owners) narrating how their motorcycle has enabled ‘Freedom’ in their lives
    • Narrate the iconic H-D story
    • Help in creating more and more positive stories to fuel passion for the brand amongst prospects, as they resonate with stories from ‘their kind of people’

    – How


    • The spirit of freedom that only a Harley-Davidson rider can explain
    • The unique bond between a Harley-Davidson owner and his motorcycle
    • The life changing experiences that a Harley-Davidson motorcycle enables

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