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    As an iconic American brand, Harley-Davidson needs no introduction, but the need was to tell many people that the brand was now present and growing fast in India.

    We also wanted to make the brand younger and accessible, given the increased focussed and products in that category.

    Enable authentic engagement with and between customers and prospects.

    And, drive width and depth on digital, creating an impact on sales and leads.

    Programme Strategy

    • Be where the people are online
    • Amplify on-ground initiatives to create a reach multiplier
    • Bring people to our channels to drive leads
    • Showcase our diverse riders to drive the personal freedom, brotherhood (HOG) and community message authentically
    • Showcase the Harley values

    Put people in the centre: leverage Harley Owners Group
    On the Road with Harley-Davidson’ is one of the highest organically engaged properties on Harley-Davidson till date as it showcases photographs submitted by Harley owners during their rides, of their motorcycle.

    harley 5

    Put people in the centre: people connect with likeminded people
    Undertaken video series – The Freedom Stories: A series created to showcase the passionate relationship between a Harley Davidson owner and his motorcycle.

    freedom 1

    Put people in the centre: series of profiles of Harley owners
    A series created to showcase the Harley owner, his ride & motorcycling experiences, the key message of H.O.G. Leverage their networks for the message to reach to larger set of people.

    Understanding not all consumers and users are the same
    Content strategy takes into account the different stages at which a user might be in the life cycle for purchase
    Thus, a variety of content caters to:

    – Dreamer
    – Enthusiast
    – Prospect
    – Owner
    – Media
    – Ambassadors

    Amplify on-ground initiatives & product launches on social

    harley 1

    Drive sales & create leads via social

      • Advertising driven campaign focused on leads
      • CRM mapping at dealerships to track conversions


    • Harley-Davidson India has been quoted as number #1 advertiser brand on social in a recent study done by e-Value Analytics.
    • Massive jump in test rides, led by digital and social campaign
    • In the times of dipping organic growth (Facebook citing 1% as organic reach), Harley-Davidson is almost 30% more than the paid reach and contributes 60% to the total reach

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