• #MorePower2You



    Datsun wanted to celebrate its 5 years in India with customers. The brand also wanted to strengthen its reputation and acceptance, and increase engagement with its target audience.
    Additionally, Datsun wanted to increase brand awareness in new customers (for Datsun redi-GO).


    Datsun is a brand for young risers; it’s a challenger brand.

    So we packaged the stories and looked at them from the prism of the brand pillars to establish a brand connect. We looked at the challenger proposition and the explorer proposition; we looked at people who want to define success on their own merits – these were the three key areas kept in mind while devising this campaign.

    • The product was never the hero; it was always about real people and the authenticity and credibility of what they’ve gone through in their life and their decisions which have made them real heroes in their own right.
    • While scripting the stories, we made sure that we didn’t move away from reality; we kept it as authentic and simple as possible. The car, if at all in the video, was presented in everyday context of people like you and us.
    • Phase 2 was strategically made more expansive, to connect with an audience who is not yet a Datsun owner yet could identify with its values. It again featured simple yet inspiring real stories, that could establish the brand connect well.


    This case-study video elaborates the campaign and its impact on the brand.





    #MorePower2You was a high decibel 360 degree campaign with rich, authentic storytelling, engaging video and interactive content retaining brand connect without attempting over the top brand push. It

    1. Put people in the center, not the product
    2. Established authentic connect with real, powerful storytelling using video and engaging content formats
    3. Increased awareness for the brand among audience
    4. Rich engagement with and by the community
    5. Established Datsun as a brand that celebrates bold choices that young risers are making

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