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    Phase 1:

    • Spread our message of ‘The Pursuit of Perfect Sound’
    • Position ourselves as the most premium audio brand in India
    • Better sound leads to deeper emotions, that is what we want to be known for

    Phase 2:

    • Programme focus shifted from awareness in Indian market to focus on different strategies for two TGs
    • For #1: The key objective was to increase awareness about our products. The focus here were value for money products
    • For #2: The key objective was to educate consumers about the variety of Sennheiser headphones and prompt them to upgrade.  Premium products were the primary focus here.

    Content Strategy

    • Studied user behaviour to segment the TG into:
      • Intender; Customer; Superpromoter; Audiophile; Experts; Media
    • The content strategy now also takes into account the four pillars: persona, price, usage and situation (of usage)
    • Topical events for real time marketing leveraged effectively
    • Building on user recommendations and experiences by putting them in the centre along with the products via Me and My Sennheiser or Sound Mavens



    Programme Highlights

    • Post the first year of the programme, we saw a jump from 4 to 12% in brands awareness according to a Sennheiser commissioned study
    • Sennheiser was consistently rated the ‘most vibrant brand’ in comparison to Bose, Philips, Beats by Dr. Dre, JBL, Sony and Skullcandy in a study of social mentions (Brand Vibrancy Index measures a brand’s sentiment score vis-à-vis its competition)

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