• Blogging 2.0

    Blogging 2.0

    While many would say it’s early days for blogging in India, unlike the US or many other countries, blogging as a diary never really became mainstream in India despite the huge hype surrounding blogs, and now it never might. Read on…
    Many started blogs but weren’t motivated enough to continue:

    1. For want of content.
    2. For want of readers.
    3. For want of time.
    4. For want of commitment.

    Then Orkut happened and it changed the internet usage patterns dramatically. Facebook changed that further by bringing hitherto untouched segments of the population on board. Facebook virtually takes away the need for blogs as a diary concept as all that a diary blog can do, Facebook does better as you don’t even need to go looking for readers or inform anyone that you wrote – Facebook does that automatically
    Enter Blogging 2.0- Meaningful, purposeful blogging. Some of the things happening, likely to happen:

    1. Breaking news.
    2. Cause and activist blogs.
    3. Event blogs.
    4. Celebrity blogs.
    5. Consumer blogs.
    6. Corporate blogs.
    7. Blogs and social media for marketing as search and social media start to impact purchase.
    8. Micro publishing – blogs that hit it big time.
    9. Bloggers go mainstream – merge into mainstream publications by sharing feeds or writing for them.
    10. Media goes the blog route – behind the scene news, research, live stories, breaking news, conversations.
    11. Experts go online.
    12. New experts emerge, thanks to enabling impact.
    13. Online to print; print to online.
    14. Communities.
    15. Micro blogging – blogging on the go.
    16. Any time, any device.
    17. Local is new global – language and location.
    18. Politics 2.0.
    19. Niche social networks.

    Combined with the connectivity and viral nature of social networking sites, micro-blogging platforms and feeds, impact is likely to be significant.
    However, the one thing that bothers me most is that the hyper-connected are also hyper-vocal:

    1. Social Noise – once upon a time people were scared to speak, now it would seem they are scared if they don’t. Worries about dropping off the radar become reasons for meaningless chatter – not realizing the diluting impact this meaningless chatter can have on our ‘thought-leader’ ambitions.

    What are the trends you note? Keep writing.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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