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    Thanks to the technology enabled environment today, we have seen that it is possible for small and medium businesses/ enterprises to bridge the ‘divide of size’ in communication and outreach efforts, both in terms of quality and even reach, something that was until recently possible for large organisations. In fact, the relatively smaller size may be of advantage for some, in that it allows nimbleness. In other situations, a somewhat time demanding tool maybe preferred over a cash demanding one – blogs & social media fit in beautifully in all this.
    So when Janani who writes for BenefIT Magazine, a publication focused on IT for businesses worth Rs. 20 to 5000 million, reached out with a story idea on blogs, we were only too happy to help…
    The story (BenefIT-Blogs-June2007.pdf), besides introductions, pro/cons, questions & tips etc. also has 3 case studies from businesses of totally different sizes & categories, making the piece much more real, touch and feel:

    1. Rekha Nambiar, ID Home, The Decorating Hub
    2. Spykar – though not a blogging initiative – outreach on Orkut. The official community listed has a couple of dozen members but the real action, I was surprised to findm, is in the many, unofficial Spykar communities on Orkut
    3. Cleartrip Blog

    Blogging BenefITs – literally.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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