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    Blogworks™ Ad Affiliate Network


    Blogworks™ Ad Affiliate Network is committed to connecting influential bloggers with relevant advertisers/marketers and vice versa.
    Micro Marketing is the acknowledged way forward for many a brand today. Many individual publishers today enjoy as much credibility, and sometimes reach, as traditional media and marketers are beginning to see value in associating with them.
    However, blog advertising, isn’t necessarily the same as mainstream advertising – it doesn’t have to be; maybe it shouldn’t even be…
    Reasons are many: where mainstream online ads are mostly focused on numbers and clicks, advertising on blogs and independent author sites may need to focus on brand associations and sponsorships with the site, its popular properties; widgets and other creative and dynamic ways of reaching the audience.
    An injudicious focus on plain numbers and traffic, on these neo-publishing platforms, usually leads to disappointment for both the advertiser and the publisher – certainly the publisher.
    For example, a blog with page views running into millions is no-brainer, but what is the value of a top research scientist’s blog – read in-turn only by a few hundred other scientists – as a recruitment ad vehicle for a research lab? Or to build traction with that community? We think very high – focus on pure numbers, in this case, is not that important. On the other hand a youth blog will perhaps need numbers to support it’s advertising claim. Both publishers are valuable, but need different approaches.
    Similarly credibility matrix’ that are purely based on just ‘number of links’ can often be misguiding – it is not lost upon any of us how easy it is to generate fake links.
    That’s where the Blogworks™ Ad Affiliate Network comes in:
    What’s in it for blog writers and publishers!

    1. No worries – you write; we market
    2. Creative options – we deploy our past learnings
    3. Transparent deals – we value your content and effort
    4. Choices – does advertising in traditional media compromise credibility, it doesn’t ‘have to’. You stay in control, you choose

    What’s in it for the advertisers/ marketers!

    1. Influencers – high-quality; hand-picked
    2. Bouquet Offerings – by verticals/ readership/ geographies
    3. Single Window – so you could painlessly participate in blogs/ social media
    4. Risk free – many options, reduced impact in case of dropouts

    If you wish to register your blog into the programme, fill in these details on and send across, with subject line – Enroll for Ads. Feel free to tell your friends too.
    Ad affiliate network.jpg
    We are constantly learning and participating, join in with us.
    Disclaimer: Please note:
    This is not a ‘pay-per-post offer’ and wouldn’t infringe upon your editorial integrity.
    Writing in to us doesn’t necessarily ‘include’ you into the panel or guarantee any advertising

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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