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  • Blogworks completes 4 years today. Hungry for more in the 5th.

  • Blogworks completes 4 years today. Hungry for more in the 5th.

    Blogworks completes 4 years today. Hungry for more in the 5th.

    2010 has been an satisfying year, in that we were setting the ground for 2011; And I think we ARE set! At the start of the financial year 2010-11, we took a view that March 2012 is what we should be working towards, rather than focus on the short term.

    The year, therefore, was focused on 4 things

    1. Build the right team and processes
    2. Focus on long term business commitments by delivering great work and value to clients
    3. Focus on properties to strengthen our thought leadership position
    4. Start the monitization journey on work already done

    Some of the key initiatives that we undertook:

    1. redesign
      • It had pending for long and we finally bit the bullet to undertake this important move to WP and get more flexibility and control on our content -sharper focus on messaging; call for action oriented home page and sidebar; blogs for the entire team to showcase their thoughts – I can see some of my colleagues coming into their own. Results from the redesign have been brilliant, and we are looking at fine-tuning the design some more in the next month or so.
    2. Blogworks India Social Media Report, Edition 2
      • We see this property as an important contribution to the industry in making educated decisions about social media investments. India Social Media Report, Edition 2, brought out in collaboration with NM Incite (a Nielsen/ McKinsey company) and released on 17 December, takes a deeper view on social media trends and spends bases inputs from brands and their agencies. Expect this to become a regular feature on our calendar. We expect to do more with the Nielsen team going forward

    Last 6-9 months have displayed an enhanced interest in social media from the top and in many of the high impact categories we are seeing a move towards strategic and more in-depth engagement, as compared to mere creation of touch points. We undertook a detailed exercise to sharply focus on segment verticals/ clients that we would like to do business with. Lots to do in the years forward, the work’s just begun :).
    Keep sending your good wishes and positive energy – and business leads ;) – our way.

    We’ve also been seen great traction on the IndiaSocial side, where our aim of seeding a social media community based around knowledge is coming together.

    Other than news and writings by industry professionals on the site, we were able to seed 3 excellent properties at IndiaSocial this year:

    1. IndiaSocial Case Challenge – edition 1 saw 37 entries of some excellent work being showcased by the industry. For the winners, emerging from an extremely rigourous judging process, recognition was truly the reward.
    2. IndiaSocial Case Book – edition 1 is being downloaded by the who’s who of the advertising and communication business. The feedback has been excellent.
    3. IndiaSocial Summit – We had conceived it as a large format event, and after what we were able to achieve on 17 December 2010 at Summit ’10, I think it will only get better and bigger.

    Stay tuned, it only gets more exciting.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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