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  • Blogworks’ promise = strategic social media solutions

  • Blogworks’ promise = strategic social media solutions

    Blogworks’ promise = strategic social media solutions


    Promise statements don’t just need to be ‘honest to God’ true to unique value that a firm/ offering brings, but also be relevant to times and the immediate environment in which this firm/ offerings operates. So, when we launched Blogworks™, in December 2006, we were amongst the very few operating in the social media consulting space.
    Our introduction said:

    1. Blogworks™ is a specialist communication offering, delivering strategic solutions and know-how to brands & corporates for using ‘conversational communication and marketing’ effectively.

    It continues to read exactly the same today, but something has changed – our promise statement or what many would call the ‘tagline’.
    It used to read: Know-how for brands & corporates. Until yesterday.
    The need, thus far, was to educate our market – brands and corporates – on relevance and impact of the new environment.
    We got the word out… by conducting workshops, speaking on panels and at seminars, writing extensively on this blog and through mainstream media to reach the audience that we could not have reached here. There were a few others in the community doing the same. This part will continue.
    However, the good thing is: the needle has moved some as marketers and corporates begin to understand impact. Some have taken first steps and are benefiting from insights and engagement that social media brings. They are doing so either by quietly listening to ongoing conversations on blogs, forums, social networks OR, some are now directly engaging through blogs, blogger engagement programmes, communities, applications, widgets and more…
    A lot of it is still tactical. Nothing wrong with that either…
    On the other hand, the new opportunity also means that more communication firms are jumping into fray. Many existing ones have introduced/are planning to introduce their social media offerings.
    Do/ will all of them offer the same services? Bring the same value? Obviously the answer is NO.
    The time has come to position our respective differentiated offerings uniquely, to stand apart.
    Where do we fit into this at Blogworks™? We are clearly about “Strategic Social Media Solutions”.

    1. Strategic: We clearly differentiated ourselves, from the beginning, by delivering strategy to clients based on their business need, in alignment with company and marketing objectives and by integrating social media and conversational marketing into the big picture.
    2. Social Media: Not limited to blogs, today’s dynamic internet and social media scene is bringing new tools & concepts each day – social networks, applications, widgets and more. We are focussed on leveraging those that have impact for our client’s respective need (or can reach a point of impact). Familiar with the concept of Category A, B, C in terms of mainstream media to determine impact and relevance for ‘your business’ ? Not everything is relevant for everyone or has the same impact. Which one will you choose?
    3. Solutions: We are your one team interface to handle all conversational communication and marketing needs.
      – Blog & Social Media Strategy
      – Design & Development – blogs, wikis, forums, social networks, applications, widgets;
      – Content: Content development, ongoing moderation
      – Outreach and Engagement – communities, insights programmes with bloggers
      – Blog & social media tracking and analysis.
      We have, over the last few years – it’s been 3 years+ since I first started to speak with clients about blogs – developed strong and trusted relationships with our partners in technology, design, research and insights from peers in other evolved markets.

    Any low-entry barrier business throws the challenge of commoditization of and the way to stay differentiated is by staying true to your purpose.
    Ours is about enabling transparent and ethical conversations between our clients and their stakeholders.
    UPDATE, 1 April, 2008: I was talking to someone about this and explained that ideally our promise statement should talk about ‘conversational communication & marketing’ because that’s what we really do, except it might be a little ahead of its time, in the India context, to use it right now (too many explaining will be needed). Therefore, will the line likely change again? I don’t have a moment’s doubt to answer that – YES, it would , very soon I hope.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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