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    The day I came to Blogworks for my interview I was told, we work but we also enjoy.  After 6 months of working here, I’m convinced about this because we not just say it-we do it! We collectively decided to head to Rishikesh for our first offsite. A month long planning finally came into being. I won’t say this was my best trip, because I’m hoping to have many many more and I know that each one will be better than the last.

    We shared responsibilities and exchanged roles. While Sheetal did take care of us, she had more hands to help her with planning and organizing the trip. I was part of the planning and entertainment team and thus had the most fun. We revived Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven by secretly meeting in office when everyone else left! We decided tent partners, planned games and arranged for food. We headed for the offsite on the night of 25 May, 2012.

    Our excitement had no bounds. The bus journey up to Rishikesh was followed by a string of songs combined with munching of tit-bits. A great discovery of talent happened at this point. Some great singers, actors and dancers emerged!

    We arrived at our beautiful tents in Rishikesh the next day.After some quick refreshment, without being bothered by the heat, we marched towards a nearby waterfall. My eyes still brighten up at the thought of standing underneath the waterfall, holding each other’s hand, a feeling that was so comforting that I don’t know how I lost my fear of water. Face your fears and that’s the best way of overcoming them.

    This was followed by the most awaited river rafting activity! Most of us were non-swimmers, but we displayed immense courage by the sheer fact that we were all together. The life jacket, the helmet and our spades, what a warrior we looked like! And so a battle it was indeed; fighting against the strong current of water. We ceased to remain office colleagues; no one was no one’s boss. We became a team, battling our way to reach the coast.

    Then came the ‘Awards’ night! Yes the ‘Blogworks Awards Ceremony’. We chose some interesting categories of awards and voted for our colleagues who suited the best in each of them. The whispers and giggles that followed the voting process were inexplicable. Results were announced and winners were crowned and given badges. This award ceremony was not just about having fun, it was a deep insight into what we thought about each other. We found an ‘innovator’ in Vishesh and a ‘fashionisita’ in Rajika!

    The jamming session in the evening was a brilliant end of a day that was so full of fun and amusement. Swetha entertained us with her beautiful voice along with a special guitarist who supported her by the strings of his guitar. A mix of old and new songs – ‘Yakeen’, ‘Tujhse naraz nahi’, ‘Jaan-e-Jaan’ and ‘paani da rang’ were some of the songs that we enjoyed completely.

    The next day we went back to the waterfall early morning! We just couldn’t get enough of  it seemed :) this time, we were all braver and more confident. After bathing in the waterfall, we divided into 2 groups. Some of us decided to take a stroll towards the river bank, while some decided to go mountain rappelling! For those of us who went by the river, we took pleasure in the sheer beauty of nature. Rounded pebbles, rocks and stones amidst the gentle flow of river, along with mountains at the background – the perfect landscape that I drew so often as a kid! For our mountaineers who went climbing up the hill and came rappelling down- it was an adventure like never before. The dynamism of ‘holding on and letting go’ was something that they learnt by this activity. Both are important, but at different points!

    We packed our bags and headed back to Delhi feeling completely rejuvenated! The trip has not ended. It took us to another level of compassion and understanding for each other. We have learnt to fight our fears. We have learnt the value of being together. We have learnt that the strength and confidence of one has a trip- down effect on the other. So no matter how uncertain you feel inside, be strong and because the strength of one can be the strength of many! This was my key take away from the trip.

    Blogworks, for me, is a trip in itself. Each day is new. Every day we are facing water currents and battling it out. I come back feeling stronger and that I can do it :)

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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