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  • Business Line: Dell picks online ambassadors to boost client relations

  • Business Line: Dell picks online ambassadors to boost client relations

    Business Line: Dell picks online ambassadors to boost client relations

    Business Line recently did a post on Dell’s social media programme. When the journalist who wrote the piece reached out, I was excited to be a part of the story as I had recently been a part of the Dell Unconference in Bangalore. However the story went on to quote me incorrectly. I have written to @businessline  on Twitter and they assured to look into the matter – no correction yet, but I am correcting the comment to what it was meant to be though I obviously don’t remember the exact words.

    I am increasingly wary of giving quotes on a telephonic interview for obvious reasons.

    Here’s the full text of the story:

    PC maker Dell which has two billion online interactions with clients annually resulting in revenues of over $13 billion a year has in a unique initiative identified 3,000 of its employees as its online ambassadors.

    These employees are trained and also awarded certificates after which they can participate in the company’s social media for his or her job on behalf of the company. While employees are allowed to use their own profiles, only SMaC (Social Media and Communities University) certified employees are allowed to participate on behalf of Dell.

    According to Ms Allison Dew, Executive Director, Social Media and Online Marketing, Dell, the company launched the programme because “it is really about constantly listening to customers rather than just revenue returns.”

    Apart from participating in the social media, the SMaC certification also enables a Dell team member to make use of the Dell branded Twitter profile, says Ms Dew.

    While over 3,000 employees worldwide have been SMaC certified, in India, the certification numbers are across three categories: More than 200 employees across all business functions including sales, customer service, product group are SMaC Professional certified (ie., completed all eight hours), about 350 employees are certified Enthusiasts (completed a two-hour policy class and allowed to share Dell news online personal networks) and 900 plus employees have attended SMaC University classes.

    Ms Allison says there are no restrictions on participation in the certification programme but “they need to take the required classes to get certified.”

    Mr Rajesh Lalwani, Founder and Principal of social media consulting firm Blogworks, says that this is a unique initiative. “Dell’s focus on customer relationship is clear. If you have a focussed team for social media participation, the postings will be more responsible than if you have thousands of employees voicing their opinion. If you have a large, certified team for social media participation, it would help scale up Dell’s presence online and ensure responsible engagement by the Dell team.”


    The original story is here.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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