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  • Channel [V] Blog in the line of fire!

  • Channel [V] Blog in the line of fire!

    Channel [V] Blog in the line of fire!

    In a way it’s good for Channel [V] that it’s happened very early in the life of their new blog – My India Report.

    1. Mistakes early on are forgiven easier.
    2. Like Robert Scoble said once”There is no negative publicity on the net.” More traffic coming their way because of the crisis but am sure they are not really celebrating. None of us would – anyone in their situation would give anything to go back in time and make amends BEFORE the crisis erupted.

    So, what’s really happened:
    The India Report whose mission is “.. putting a finger on the pulse of the generation now…”

  • got into trouble when some bloggers noticed and reported that what Channel [V] had put as ‘Guest Posts’ were full-text stories, picked from various blogs and posted on the site, likely without permission from respective writers. I believe there were links (not sure if they were added later or existed from the beginning) but credits were perhaps added later (not sure of the sequence again).
    Anyway, bloggers don’t take kindly to content being lifted in toto without explicit permission and credit – excerpts with link backs are welcome.
    Conversations have been exchanged on blogs and on Twitter, with Dina; Patrix; Gaurav and others exchanging thoughts & concerns. I believe Dina spoke with Channel [V] yesterday and they seem to have taken corrective measures.
    Anyway… learnings:

    1. The terrain is too new, mistakes will happen. No one can completely avoid a crisis but mustn’t really romance them with clearly irresponsible conduct. Blatant Astroturfing a al Silky Kumar will not take you anywhere.
    2. Show social media 7 blogs some reverence – think through the need, impact, strategy knowing the rules, cuts chances of losing (or an accident).
    3. Work with a team (maybe external) which has been in the space for a bit – no one can still guarantee that there will be no crisis, or mistakes, but you might just have put sufficient rigour to ensure that you are better prepared.
    4. Mutual respect works better long term – to bloggers (and vice versa I hope); to 3rd party content; to feedback.

    On the blog itself:

    1. Love the look, feel & the energy- young and vibrant. You can do a lot with a simple WordPress engine.
    2. Can you PLEASE take off that pop-up banner guys!!!
    3. A name will always work better than ‘Admin’ – try.

    So, no issues. Get up and run again! Everyone has 20:20 vision in hindsight, like they say…there’s learning for everyone.

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