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  • Choosing social media basis business context and relevance

  • Choosing social media basis business context and relevance

    Choosing social media basis business context and relevance

    A gym buddy of mine who heads marketing for a TV news channel mentioned in passing the other day that they were considering placing interns in the news room to populate news content on their social media touch points. My intuitive advice was, what works for a youth brand with an irreverent attitude of ‘everything goes’ may not work for a news channel where accuracy of reportage, seriousness of tone and language might be crucial to achieve business objectives of the exercise.

    The solution may lie in coaching their journalists about social media impact, tools and enable them a technology layer allowing them to share news on the go, and more importantly leverage social media for research, building relationships and more…

    He got the point fairly quickly.

    Similarly a large telecom operator concerned about their reputation online and desirous of setting up a new social media team to address each customer query may find it trapped in a situation where it is required to duplicate the entire customer service infrastructure all over again – it would be ok to do so, where social media is the ‘primary layer’ for customer concern resolution.

    Instead the opportunity may actually be in again, enabling the existing customer service team with coaching and technology to track, resolve and communicate resolution and the core team’s job could really be diagnose key issues, work internally with multiple departments to ensure that identified issue patters are addressed, and track future trends to notice shifts.

    Use social media instead to create virtuous cycles for customer engagement, co-creation and so on…

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