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    There was an article that I saw yesterday about that spoke about numbers in many categories having achieved critical mass, allowing marketers to use mass marketing tools to reach out to potential customers. Parallel to this, Internet technology is allowing many marketers to engage their customers; gain insights and feedback; generate buzz; cultivate evangelists; build communities; start and continue conversations – marketers have a choice and can choose the most relevant tools.
    Given ahead are a few slides from a talk that I presented recently – won’t write much text as I think the slides tell the story.

    1. We used to hope we got the demographics/ psychographics right, now customers are forming camps
    2. Krishna mastered the art of speaking to each, while speaking to many…
    3. How did you make your last purchase decision? Buying a movie ticket; selecting the new car; deciding on the school for your child; new job; anything… traces of this?

    Let me know what you think! Read on…

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