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  • Cool Social Media Tools and Links

    Cool Social Media Tools and Links

    The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.

    – Isaac Asimov

    When Asimov said the above in “My Own View” in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1978), it may have been in the realm of science fiction. In the world of today, this is no longer fictional and is so real in how we see things evolve everyday. Social media has contributed to a great extend in bringing this inevitable change in human interaction, society, culture and business.

    Now that I have had my fair share of philosophy in my debut post at Blogworks discuss, I am going to jump right into some very ‘practical’ piece of information.

    As a young practitioner of social media, I come across several useful tools and tips. In fact every day there is a new tool which can be used to leverage and engage better, a new tip which is the solution you were looking for.

    I would be sharing a weekly roundup of these cool tools and tips and hopefully some of these with resonate with you.

    • To add friends from LinkedIn on Twitter, click here. The process is easy and you can also allow Twitter to post your updates on Facebook if you want.
    • You can also add friends from Facebook on Twitter, however there seems to be an issue on Facebook’s end and I guess we would have to try again some days later.
    • Talking about Twitter, here are 50 power twitter tips from Chris Brogan for you to utilize. These have been divided under five subheads (intent, business, technical, integrated usage, off-twitter) to have a better understanding. My favorite ones would be use hashtags appropriately, Start thinking in 120 characters, and promote other people 12 x to every 1 self-promotional tweet.
    • LinkedIn has also made changes to their groups. You can follow discussions, join news ones or create your own. All you have to do is go to ‘Groups’> ‘Group Discussion’ and type in the kind of group you are looking for. You can create sub-groups for focussed or discussions more relevant to you. Check out this simple but quick video on LinkedIn blog to have a better understanding.
    • Bloggers are often wondering about a guaranteed success formula. Though, there isn’t really one – Chris Brogan came up with ‘A Simple Blogging Formula’ to share some tips which are quite useful.

    And on that note, the only way to reach out to more and more people is by improving your SEO for your post but how to decide that and what to blog about? Be it a writer’s block or you’re just trying to figure out a trending topic, you can use this Wordtracker Labs tool.

    Enter a keyword; hit the search button and a downloadable list of questions appears which are, say the most frequently asked questions.

    So, how has your world changed today?

    Image Credit: Villageous

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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