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  • Cool Tools 2006 – Slideshare

    Cool Tools 2006 – Slideshare

    My Rodin

    As 2006 nears closure the mandatory countdowns and ‘best of’ have already begun – I too would like to remember the ‘best of’, but I don’t want to think of macro events, I would like to think of tools, books, activities that made a difference to my life this year.
    Let’s begin with a ‘tool’: “You Tube for Powerpoint” – for me, the beauty of Slideshare is in its simplicity. After years of struggle to reach across presentations in PPT, Acrobat and whatever formats, this one enabled me to, by allowing me to simply ‘upload and share’ – simple as that. Once can also embed in your blog or share a link etc. There are that they could do better, of course, but I can see that they are working on them – they are fairly small and therefore reachable – you leave a message on their site, they bring about change.
    To me, as an executive, the value of this tool even surpasses that of You Tube (not to be confused with the much larger impact that You Tube indeed has. ). It’s amazing to see the different uses it is being put to. Sample this:

    Originally posted on my blogVerbum.

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