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    Cool Tools – 5

    We have a collaborative experiment on at Blogworks…
    Together with my colleagues help, I am hoping we can scan and reach out more interesting developments from what I have started to term, the fastest running animal on the planet, Social media:
    logo_large.gifSpockThis one came via Namita, who first read about this on Googlerz:
    – This yet-to-be opened for ‘public at large’ people search engine is already making waves – thanks also to the fact that they have managed to secure series A funding to the tune of $7M from Clearstone and Opus Capital Ventures.
    Driven by the logic that 30% of all internet search is people related (celebrity searches are constantly leading search numbers). We are yet to get our request approved but believe, from what we have read that it works well, for searches for people ranging from very popular to even lesser known who have some web presence…
    Post search, Spock sorts out duplication, based on identical or similar names, gives the person a permanent profile page, auto tagged based on information collected from blogs, wikipedia, social networks etc. These can then be claimed by users, who can add/ edit the tags.
    Currently, the spock websiteallows users to leave a request for invitation to test the beta version.
    And while, you, like us, wait for the invite to get approved, read more here.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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