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    Cool Tools – 6

    Aishwarya, who will be helping us from Chen


    nai and whom I am delighted to have on-board finally, sent me the intro for this story and I will use that as my basis for this post:
    It is the age of sharing, providers are trying to help users unleash the power of content, both fresh and archival, by providing friendly platforms…
    The first one to do so was Slideshare, of which I have always been a great fan, and joining in is Scribd – an online directory where anyone can upload. Its embeddable PDF player allows users to publish and view documents in your web browser.
    I can see people brushing off virtual dust from old documents and sharing them with the world. Not only documents, the site takes Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Postscript (.ps), or LIT (.lit) files.
    Features allow users to add tags, titles, embed content into other web pages & blogs etc. An interesting feature is, Slurping, which allows users to directly import content from other websites.
    Oops, but what I do we have here, someone else has uploaded MY presentation (kidding, for now)…

    Yes, that will happen too, for Scribd allows anonymous postings :) and any post, posted anonymously, can never be deleted or edited as ownership cannot be established. While, Scribd makes an explicit mention that one cannot upload copyrighted, malicious, commercial content etc., not sure how they will go on to ensure bona fide interests are protected.
    I haven’t uploaded content yet, but will give it a shot soon…
    See FAQs here for more.

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