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  • Cool Tools 8 – Wufoo – Really Whohoo!

  • Cool Tools 8 – Wufoo – Really Whohoo!

    Cool Tools 8 – Wufoo – Really Whohoo!


    I am a fan of all things ‘simple’! Combined with great business value, they become irresistible. I chanced upon Wufoo – form builder first on Rohit Bhargava’s blog – and fell in love immediately.
    I have often wanted to include forms on the site, to gather client briefs, host online surveys and have found myself stuck, as building a form means I need to reach out to my designer/ developer with the brief – spend time, money and the back and forth needed to get the desired results is itself taxing. Often you need to modify the forms – minor changes are more or less ongoing and then needs change with time – repeat the process again.
    Wufoo allows all this (and more) from your desktop, do-it-yourself. I created these 2 forms myself, in under 30 minutes:

    1. Simple assignment brief.
    2. Talk/ workshop/ teaching/ writing requests.

    Structured, consistent, easily manageable (I can get individual requests on email; export all the reports directly). I have already started using it and got the first client brief yesterday itself. Today I needed to make a small modification, to make it more useful, and I was able to do so in less than 3 minutes. Hope it continues to work as painlessly.
    More on the Wufoo blog.

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