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    Credibility & others…

    It’s been a while since I wrote a concerted post and though I really want to sit and write, I think that will only happen next week. Meanwhile…

    1. A text message from a friend Sunday evening prompted me to switch on ‘We the People’ on NDTV. Blogs & Social Media were being discussed and while I only caught bits, I think most of the conversation revolved around what’s already been said/ written on other fora: blogs & social media can be misused/ freedom of speech/ who is liable and so on. Barkha Dutt had also written on this subject in HT earlier. Some of this perhaps originates from personal slander and abuse that many amongst the media fraternity have been victims of, on an anonymous blog (now dormant).
      Fundamentally anonymity doesn’t lend itself to credibility. How much do we believe stories appearing in a rag? I think the same applies to blogs written by anonymous authors.
      My chosen agenda for the year is to get ‘experts’ to blog – once that gathers momentum, scales are going to tilt in favour of the ‘real’ experts anyway. Unlike today’s blogosphere (at least the India scene), barring a few real experts, everyone is claiming to be an expert on everything. There is an inherent danger in that.
      I would say Ms. Dutt should start writing a blog too.
      Also, unless I missed, no one on the programme spoke about impact of blogs & social media on business.
    2. We watched Guru last evening. It left me curious to know more about the life & times of Dhirubhai Ambani – something that I hadn’t really much thought about previously. The movie itself was nice, I think.
      Also, I was finally able to break my jinx on Omkara. Seen.Whew! Wow.
      I think 2006 was not just a year of some nice (some just fun) movies like Omkara; Krissh; Rang de Basanti; Dor (some think it should have been our nomination to the Oscars, I tend to agree); Lage Raho Munnabhai; Don; Dhoom 2, amongst other, to me it was also a year where we saw some world-class marketing & promotions campaigns around some of these films. However, even though we are seeing stuff come out, I think we still haven’t gotten our merchandise act together.
    3. I was delighted to hear that Group M’s going to bring a scientific touch to celebrity endorsements with CelebZ. It’s been a subject close to my heart – wrote this almost 3 years ago.

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