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  • Deep and wide,versus, just wide!

  • Deep and wide,versus, just wide!

    Deep and wide,versus, just wide!

    Since the time, this evening, that news about another business division, of an existing client, confirming business for us reached me, I’ve been thinking about how business has shaped up for us over the last couple of years.
    In terms of learning, leading to quality of work and the value delivered to our clients; and in terms of longevity and level of engagement with the client.
    The approach has been simple, as I fundamentally believe that:

    1. Deep rivers usually run wide
    2. Width alone is no guarantee for depth

    Width is relatively easier to achieve, even water spilled on the floor runs wide, but it doesn’t have depth; depth on the other hand is a function of time and rigour. We prefer the latter.
    Our client engagements are deep; as is our focus on building our programmes. Starting with a deep understanding of the client’s business and starting with a clear strategy usually mean that the programme doesn’t run out of breath soon.
    And, when clients see rigour and results…referrals and word-of-mouth take over. Very often, customers who work with us/ who have worked with us at any time (or even prospects who simply engaged with us) send more business our way. This works just fine for us :)
    What do you think? Wide? Or deep and wide?
    Keep writing.
    Picture courtesy: Khalil Sawant

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