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  • Delhi Metro and the city facade.

  • Delhi Metro and the city facade.

    Delhi Metro and the city facade.

    Traveling on the Delhi Metro yesterday, I was reminded of the question that keeps popping up from time-to-time – whether all Metro tracks should have been laid underground. Recently there were reports that the Metro columns across the city will be decorated with murals and colour in effort to blend them with the city. I believe some segments have already been beautified (?).
    No doubt that the Metro has changed the city facade, sometimes impacting the very character of places we grew up with, so much so that they are unrecognizable. Yesterday however, I saw things from a Metro passenger’s perspective, peeping out from the window…
    We seem to be a city of hoarders. Bar a couple of terraces, each and every terrace enroute had unnecessary, unpleasant paraphernalia scattered around – heaps of bricks; cartons; rotting chaarpais, twisted window & door frames, tyres, rags and so on – none of this seemed in a usable condition. It just sat there, rotting and seemed like it had been there, forever! An eyesore. The couple of terraces that were clean, or better still, had some green, stood out like an oasis in a desert.
    I wonder why we stack unnecessary stuff and if there could be a penalty imposed if you keep your terrace dirty? Or, I suggest that the Metro travelers unite and demand that all Metro tracks be laid underground ( :-) ), for Delhi doesn’t look that green, traveling on the Metro!

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