• Don, remake

    Don, remake

    Shah Rukh Khan was on Radio Mirchi promoting the Don remake. “This Don is more evil,” SRK promised. Even as he spoke about the how and why it came about, I was already drowned in memories of the original.

    Don is such a cult movie for many among my generation – or even my dad’s – “This is where we entered the cinema hall,” commented my father as we watched the CD yesterday, reminding me that we had first seen the movie during a vacation in Bombay. Amitabh Bachchan, playing Vijay, was earning his daily bread as he performed ‘Eee hai Bambai Nagaria’. It was an innocent movie I think. Don and his gang’s badness was limited to smuggling gold and stuff – maybe kill once in a while but no narcotics and terrorist stuff the and Amitabh’s portrayal of him made him a friendly character. I think Amitabh is perhaps the only actor who can play the baddie and still not be seen as bad.
    The new Don promises to be much darker but I hope some of the original charm wouldn’t be lost.

    Am salivating, cannot wait!

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