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  • Empower Social Media in India – Consumer Research

    Empower Social Media in India – Consumer Research

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    The team from EmPower research has been in touch over the fast few weeks regarding their Social Media in India – Consumer Survey.
    As keen participants and stakeholders in the blog and social media scene, we are of course interested in knowing more about usage patters and impact, particularly in the India context as there is severe dearth of credible data/ trends.
    The survey, perhaps the first of its kind in India, is “…trying to find out people’s understanding, attitudes, and usage with regard to current Social Media in India and their thoughts about the future.” I am told that this survey has been initiated by Empower itself and is not for commercial use by a client of theirs.
    You can take the survey here or by clicking the image above. (UPDATE: April 22, 2208) The link has been removed based upon a request by Team Empower. Read below.
    I was, however, a bit disappointed after taking the survey. It seems to me that the team that prepared the survey, did not, in all likelihood, seek help from a social media professional in giving sharper focus to the need itself and therefore the questions asked. Same effort could have yielded much greater value. I guess it’s a start in a subject where all of us are learning.
    Do participate.
    (UPDATE: April 22, 2208) I received an email this morning from Team Empower this morning, asking me to remove the survey from the site as the felt that
    “as your comments might influence the respondent’s views and bias the research which is against the ethics of Primary Research.”
    Hmmm, I said “I understand your concerns. However, when you do outreach with blogs, you have to be prepared to let the author speak their mind as their own credibility is at stake.
    Removing a blog post is considered against blog and social media ethics -once a post goes up, it is not removed. Even corrections are done after striking off the mistake and correcting the previous text that can still be seen. You are allowed to comment on the post and I promise to publish it. If at all I do agree, I will agree to remove the link to the survey. Removing the post is out of the question, but WILL BE required to quote that you have requested me to remove the link – you can decide and let me know if you would prefer that I do so.”
    “What we meant was we wanted you to remove the link, so please remove the survey link.” was the reply.
    I have told them that I would be capturing the learnings of this episode in a separate post and they were fine with that. This is indeed an interesting chapter in my social media journey where traditional research companies are using social media tools to conduct a studies on blogs & social media usage and impact but aren’t really comfortable with social media logic of opinion & feedback from the very channels they are using.
    Another research executive from a significant research company called me this morning for another web 2.0 survey and the questions were vague, at best. I have asked them to email me the questionnaire, which they have. Expect a post capturing my thoughts.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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