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  • Entering the 6th year today is @blogworks: scaling it up.

  • Entering the 6th year today is @blogworks: scaling it up.

    Entering the 6th year today is @blogworks: scaling it up.

    Blogworks completes 5 years today! :)

    It has been an intense year – moving to the next orbit requires perseverance, will, and far greater energy. We have as a team shown that we have the will and the skills.

    Year 5

    This is the year that we became a ‘business and an organisation’.

    We started the year with a clear focus on creating a strong business, focusing on clients with mature needs and a long-term commitment to conversations. Thankfully, we found that the the market is set for such an offering and we have been working with a wonderful bunch of clients – brands for the future. More seem to have heard of our work and have been approaching us with business.

    We invested into building a strong Insights team this year; focused on building strengths on the technology side, clearly an integral need for scaled programmes.

    While the core of our offering “Enabling brands and organisations to engage stakeholders in conversations” is untouched for 5 years, it is now a far more robust and detailed offering which helps our clients achieve scale, integration and measureme results – an offering that’s deep, as it is wide.

    On one side we reinvented our visual identity highlighting a stronger brand, on the other we invested into with our document and content management system, ERM system, and going up soon, our CRM system.

    A bigger, diverse, team; a larger client portfolio; a deeper offering has meant collaboration between  teams and practices within to deliver great results. People comment that we have built a strong culture and it shows both in the working and in client delivery.

    It’s been a good year.

    Year 6

    Clearly the year ahead is about

    1. Scaling it up: in terms of revenues, people and locations (we already have clients in all 4 metros)
    2. Technology and design: integral to high value, high impact
    3. Learning and thought leadership: as always, skills have to stay ahead of the client needs and the market
    4. Alliances: we have been approached in the past, and those opportunities are to be evaluated
    5. Fun: ‘enjoy’ is our internal motto and we remain committed to that foremost :)

    My colleague Swetha worked on this ‘perfect’ video capturing some thoughts from the team on what makes us Blogworks. Thank you team. Let’s make more magic in the 6th ;)

    Thank you all out there for your blessings and support – without you, your support, and love, we wouldn’t be here. Grateful :)

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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