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  • What’s the future of Facebook email? Your thoughts?

  • What’s the future of Facebook email? Your thoughts?

    What’s the future of Facebook email? Your thoughts?

    Users of Facebook know that its email feature is a very basic one – inbox, sent, updates (from Pages) and now a search feature. But basically, that’s it.

    Facebook should have a full-featured mail product, say stories; that it is working on it is reported from time-to-time. Obviously Facebook wants to further dent Google’s share of eyeballs and time and it would make sense to have a full-feature mail product.  Right? Well, maybe – maybe not.

    Here are thoughts that cross my mind

    1. Facebook is trying to move towards more public conversations – virality and privacy don’t get along, and mail is all about private conversations. Also read (The future of Facebook brand conversations)
    2. Even though Facebook mails now show ads, they are not contextual – people have responded sharply to privacy concerns on Facebook  in the past; whereas Google tracks every word written, and serves contextual ads in the inbox, but nobody seems to mind anymore.
    3. A mail offering would be an evolutionary feature, not revolutionary. I expect something more revolutionary from Facebook.

    How can Facebook create further stickiness, take people away from conventional mail offerings and enhance its own mail offerings? Your thoughts?

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