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    A Google Alert landed this post from Rohit Bhargava in my inbox this morning and immediately caught my attention.
    It’s about the US arm of Mahindra using a blog to sell their tractors. Life of a Farm blog is part of the strategy to take on Deere – the American agricultural equipment company.
    Jonathan, who led the initiative, says:

    MahindraUSA sells tractors. They’ve got, in all honesty, great products at relatively low prices. The challenge was to get the word out to the large amount of small farmers and ‘hobby farmers’ – those who do farming on the side. Mahindra hasn’t had great name recognition because they’re relatively new here in the states.

    They seem to be getting traction…good going Mahindra.
    Can what works for Tractors, work for an SUV? I think so – people love their cars and love to talk about them (1,2,3).
    I would love to see a Mahindra Scorpio Blog! :)

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