• Friday Fun

    Friday Fun

    It’s Friday Fun at Toby’s Diva Marketing Blog and she’s tagged me to join in. The theme being “What 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” Now, let me think:

    1. My best soccer kick came in a classroom (just before Mexico ’86). I was in class 11 – the whole school heard the window pane shatter
    2. I like imperfect noses (on women :) )
    3. As a child (6 years old perhaps), I wouldn’t drink water until I had ascertained that the water was ‘chilled’ to my satisfaction and I would do this by putting the tumbler to my cheek (emulating the little boy on the Kwality ice-cream packs/ ads, who did the same with an ice lolly). Very often, the tumbler would be returned many times before I was satisfied with the results, driving my mom and uncles mad – wouldn’t dare try with my dad then :).
    4. My favourite non-commercial fragrance is simple sandalwood oil – dab on a little to get your very own ‘unique’ signature
    5. I haven’t read ANY of the classics that EVERYONE is expected to read.

    Toby, this is fun. Thanks. Tagged are you: Amita; Rekha; Nikhil; Aishwarya; Govind; Rajaram

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