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    As I have kept an increasingly public profile, I have also become conscious about the need to segregate private, from the public.
    Here are some ground rules that I follow:

    1. For work, we manage communities on Facebook, and then there are some that I manage personally. My own page, however, is shifting towards family and friends. I like to share pictures and moments from life. Increasingly if I don’t ‘really know’ a person from my own offline, or even online engagements…or through my family or close friends, I am not accepting a friend request. Don’t mean to offend, or reject, anyone but just trying to keep my private space, private.
    2. Of course is purely professional, but, I am not accepting random requests from people, not known from earlier, who don’t specify why they’d like to add me to their network. I am only too happy to connect, if I SIMPLY knew the context. Just adding one sentence can allow the recepient to make an educated choice.
    3. On I follow everyone who I can ‘have a conversation with’ about the many pursuits of my life – business, recipes, music, language, movies, wellness and others. Happy to connect :)
    4. This blog has given me many friends, and continues to be my favourite place for conversations. Among the most painful memories for me continues to be the time when we lost over 200 comments (accidentally deleted still seems the possible cause, but we’d never really know). Many people whom I first met here, now form a part of my life in so many different ways.
    5. Oops, and there the direct connect that never goes unanswered (a rule that I have forever followed) – my email :) – rajesh (dot) lalwani (at) blogworks (dot) in

    Do you follow any rules yourself? Keep writing.

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