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    Fun @ blogworks

    Life at Blogworks has always been as much about having fun, as about working smart and last few weeks have been action packed :.

    Sharing some images of what the team’s been at:

    Apart from the existing space, we moved into the 3rd floor premises in our current office building around Diwali (and are already looking for bigger premises).

    Blogworks 3rd Floor
    Blogworks 3rd Floor
    Blogworks 3rd Floor



    It was a fun Diwali as we packed non-stop work, travel and parties


    The Rangoli on 3rd Floor
    Malavika and Jyotika


    Mansi, Jyotika, Vishesh, Alakh, Swetha and Rajika
    Jyotika, Neha, Amita, Swetha and Rajika
    Rajika, Hammad and Neha - best dressed - winner :)
    Best dressed boy - Karthik - great singer too :)

    We hosted a cocktail making and tasting session for the team; 2-3 friends joined us :)

    Devils all
    Gora and big beard Kishore :)


    Our friend Karthik obliged by dropping in :)


    The beginning


    Work smart, party hard :)


    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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