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    Gen Facebook

    On the way to office today, I saw a huge billboard by INQ which read – No point in saying I love you, if there are no witnesses.

    Where once carrying a rose in the hand was reflective of romantic feelings, today finds expression in status updates. Sullen forlorn lovers sitting under the trees, dejected, was once indicative of lost love. Wearing the feelings on your sleeve is high fashion. If you still slitting your wrist the old-fashioned style, that too has to go up as a status message on Facebook. And after all why shouldn’t the world know.

    Facebook dating application AreYouInterested conducted a survey amongst 1000 respondents. So what were the results?

    1. Almost 25 percent respondents found out their own relationship was over by seeing it on Facebook first.
    2. Around 21 percent respondents said they would carry out a Facebook breakup by changing their status to single.
    3. Nearly 40 percent respondents have updated their status on Facebook so the person they’re dating sees they have plans.
    4. And almost 35 percent of respondents have used their Facebook status to make someone think they have plans, even if they don’t.

    Source: Mashable

    We have seen how culture gets constantly defined by the economics of the market and the material forces and can now see how social networks as a manifestation of those forces  is impacting the culture. Life and love has moved onto a virtual space which we inhabit practically all the time. I got to know that my best friend got a job because the first thing she did was tweet about it. No wonder Aircel and INQ are using social networking as their selling points.

    Here are a few questions I am left lingering with –

    • How has it changed from before ?
    • Are we getting frivolous or more vocal  and  expressive?  Or has the mode of expression changed ?
    • Is it a vortex which is pulling us into it or are we getting more emancipated ?

    Do share your thoughts.

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