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  • Geoff Livingston says “Now is Gone” in his new book on new media by the same name.

  • Geoff Livingston says “Now is Gone” in his new book on new media by the same name.

    Geoff Livingston says “Now is Gone” in his new book on new media by the same name.


    My friend Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog introduced us many months ago and one look at Geoff’s The Buzz Bin blog and I knew that here was someone who stood out for clarity and uniqueness of thoughts, as much for his crisp writing style. We have interacted often since…
    Lately, Geoff has been busy on a roadshow to promote his new book Now is Gone that he has authored, along with Brian Solis of PR 2.0 fame. Published by Bartelby Press, the book is positioned as a “A Primer on New Media for Executives and Entrepreneurs.”
    A book like this was badly needed in the rapidly evolving environment, where information is available but it is dispersed over many-many different sources.
    So what does it mean for the reader?

    1. The book introduces Social Media, the benefits, and the importance of engaging with influencers and customers directly
    2. Explains the new culture of two-way conversational marketing
    3. Inspires and shapes social media strategies to successfully engage communities
    4. Highlights some of the more common social media promotion tools
    5. Reveals cultural hurdles a company must face before starting social media outreach
    6. Provides ways to manage the rapid evolution of social networks and technologies

    I asked Geoff about the reasoning and objectives of the book and his thoughts resonated with mine. He said “There’s a great thirst for knowledge, but most of these folks aren’t getting information from blogs. Instead they are relying on newspapers, trade associations and other sources for information. We thought these sources were inadequate so communicating to the business community on their terms – vis a vis a book – seemed like the best course of action.”
    Adding,“Our goal was to present executives and entrepreneurs a thorough primer that can be completed in one sitting.” Now that’s exactly what we needed.
    The book is going great on Amazon. Check it out!
    Best wishes Geoff and Brian and happy reading to all our readers.

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