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  • Global Internet users cross the 1 billion mark

  • Global Internet users cross the 1 billion mark

    Global Internet users cross the 1 billion mark

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    According to the comScore World Metrix audience measurement service, the number of people who use the internet (15 years and above from home and work computers) has crossed the 1 billion mark in December 2008.
    Key findings of the comScore study showed:

    1. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the highest share of global internet users at 41 per cent, followed by Europe (28 percent share), North America (18 per cent share), Latin-America (7 per cent share) and the Middle East & Africa (5 per cent share)
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    3. India has the seventh highest number of internet users with a share of 3.2 percent of the worldwide audience and as many as 32 million unique visitors in December 2008
    4. Meanwhile, China tops the charts in term of number of internet audience with 1,79,710 users in December constituting over 17.8 percent of the global traffic. Following China is United States and Japan whose internet visiting population is about 16.2 percent and 6 percent respectively
    5. The other countries that follow in the descending order of internet usage are Germany, UK, France, India, Russia, Brazil South Korea, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Netherlands
    6. comScore’s study also reveals Google sites as one of the most popular in the web terrain in December 2008. The site had about 777.9 million visitors, followed by Microsoft sites which had about 647.9 million visitors. Yahoo! sites had 562.6 million visitors and Facebook had about 222 million visitors
    7. In another comScore study conducted between September and November 2008 showcasing the top ten Indian Websites revealed that Google sites and Yahoo! sites had about 19.9 million and 19.1 million visitors respectively. Orkut came in at third place with over 12 million visitors followed by Rediff, Blogger, YouTube, Wikipedia, Microsoft and Live. Interestingly, Facebook did not figure in the top ten websites in India

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