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  • Good Fun – repost from Verbum

  • Good Fun – repost from Verbum

    Good Fun – repost from Verbum

    I just finished reading Inebriation by Gaurav and was reminded of my second only attempt at writing in verse – the one before this was in school, I remember. Dug this out from my blog Verbum that I used to write before I launched Blogworks.
    This was June 2006. I had just quit my job and was planning to go the entrepreneur route – captures the mood :)
    Good fun
    It’s good fun, I tell you
    On a journey,
    once again.
    Oh, why? you say.
    Because, I must.
    you ought to stretch,
    to grow taller.
    Drop a few leaves,
    to earn a new burst.
    Trust me,
    I done this before.
    Go try,
    I tell you. It’s good fun!
    Yes, I am a school boy still when it comes to writing a poem, if this can be called one :).

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