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  • Happy Conversations!…is Bidisha’s inaugural post.

  • Happy Conversations!…is Bidisha’s inaugural post.

    Happy Conversations!…is Bidisha’s inaugural post.


    Even as more of us from ‘Team Blogworks’ get ready to launch our respective, purposeful, blogs, I have been encouraging them to start contributing here.
    So here we are, Bidisha shares her conversation with a younger cousin, regarding social networking. Enjoy! Do share inputs and your own experiences.

    1. Happy Conversations!

    They say the proof of the pudding is in its taste – read on…
    Social networking is one element of the Web 2.0 environment that sure has the Indian youth hooked. Even though detractors have been predicting the tempo to fizzle out, but a look at the latest statistics may suggest otherwise. Infact, I think social networking is not restricted to just the big cities and metros, a good chunk of profiles from the tier- II cities and small towns. And I state this not on the basis of some third party research, but based on several conversations that I have had on such sites.
    Just the other day, during one of my Orkut sessions, I had an interesting conversation with my cousin in Allahabad: Tanay has just been promoted to the 11th standard. Right now he is enjoying his post-board exam break and his favorite hobby these days is not a sport or films or even spending time with his girlfriend… but ‘Orkutting’ and spending time on several such sites like – Tagged, Desimartini, Hi 5 and Facebook. His peers are there (and so am I) constantly exchanging notes, following each-other. To be denied entry into a ‘group’ is the worst affront anyone can show you (being dumped is Passé).
    Just how much are the youth into social networking? Judge yourself from the fact that many don’t exchange telephone numbers or email ids, they ask instead… Are you on Orkut? (or Facebook etc.). They live these networks.

    Tanay is often curious that with a full-time career, how I manage my time on all these sites and more. On being told that it is actually part of what I did at work – to track trends on social networks, he wouldn’t believe it. He could not fathom who could be insane enough to pay me for ‘recreation’! Well, that’s what social networking means to him. After some explanations (it wasn’t easy) I finally managed to build a case for social networking as a marketer’s tool. By the end, he was sure that he wanted to be in my profession. After all, who would mind such a cool job!
    The target audience is here, expert advice is available, the talent pool is being created, has the marketer smelled the coffee yet?

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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