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  • Hello There Content Writer! Having Fun at Work?

  • Hello There Content Writer! Having Fun at Work?

    Hello There Content Writer! Having Fun at Work?

    It’s been almost two months since I got my first job. I’ve been going in to work every day and logging on to Facebook. If I don’t, I will be fired ;). Those of you who have to furtively use Facebook from your phones because the office network won’t allow you to access it, are probably digesting this information with envy. Rest assured there is more to social media than most of us are aware of. While we amuse ourselves by publishing the more intimate details of our lives (honeymoons in Goa, wasted evenings at the night club etc.), brands and companies are frantically trying to attract your attention. We seem to spend as much as time posting on Facebook and tweeting or retweeting as we spend on our meals. In fact, social media often receives our undivided attention while the paneer tikka on our plates go barely acknowledged.

    It’s as common now for brands to make themselves seen on Facebook as on television or billboards. Social media has captured the curiosity of everyone. My uncle, for instance, who uses a QWERTY phone with immense difficulty, has somehow managed to find his way to Facebook and thinks Facebook apps are a riot. Social media has made everyone and everything just that much more accessible. Our ancestors, who have waited for weeks and months for a response of any sort, are looking through the pearly gates in bewilderment, at this explosion of contact and communication. On the other hand, companies and brands have found a new platform to compete with vigour. And here enters the enthusiastic content writer.

    The creative department of an agency/ consultancy no longer has the most fun job. A fresh breed of motivated content writers is cropping up into this new world of communication, where posting on Facebook or tweeting is not a spur-of-the-moment action but a careful strategy.

    Content writing has taken on new dimensions with the advent of social media. The ability to go viral lies with you. A content writer will gnash his teeth and watch the Eton-Style video on You Tube, cursing himself for not having been the first to concoct a decent parody on the most popular video of the fortnight. Not that Gangnam is the path that brands want to take, but you get my drift.

    Good content tells a story, attracts an audience, seduces the reader. We content writers have to be succinct and effective. We make our point in 140 characters or a single post. We want to make you read; we want to make you want to read. We strive to be original. It’s demanding and often frustrating, and that’s what makes our work stimulating  :)

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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