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  • “How many you have” times have arrived for the mobile handset.

  • “How many you have” times have arrived for the mobile handset.

    “How many you have” times have arrived for the mobile handset.

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    From the moment I first saw this TVC from Samsung Marine (disclaimer- we are associated with the brand), urging us on with it’s “One Life. Challenge it” prompt, I’ve been thinking about the imminent changes in the handset market.
    The Samsung Marine has been positioned as a “stylish & durable phone for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts” which is “Water Proof – Shock Proof – Dust Proof’. However, this post is not about the hand-set or its features, but a pointer that the handset game is changing; how we are likely going to consume/ market mobile handsets, going forward.
    The accessorization of the mobile handset appears to be going mainstream.
    The ‘phone-as-a-fashion-accessory’ concept is not new, with Vertu, now in it’s tenth year, on one extreme having pioneered the concept of luxury mobile phone as the preferred accessory of the super rich; on the other Nokia ‘change-as-you like’ skins in psychedelic colours were a hit with the masses in the 1st half of this decade.


    As mobile technology evolved, handsets have, nearly always, taken the route of segmentation by user profile -Smart/ Business; Multi-media; Gaming; Music; Mass Market; Rural phones… for a specific target. The focus has predominantly been on getting the customer to choose your brand, on a promise of better features, interface etc.
    However, given on one hand, that most handsets today could anyway bundle most features into one, and on the other hand, the average prices falling, the differentiation/ growth has to come from elsewhere.
    So far, you, and I, likely carry the same handset to work, to a party, for a holiday – except when we go rafting or rock climbing, when in absence of a choice, we tend to leave it behind, for fear of damaging it; same before a game of cricket or a biking session with buddies. Same perhaps for many other situations/ needs/ uses.
    As the market evolves (and even reaches saturation) marketers would be clearly looking to take consumers to multi-handset ownership, and not just focus on the replacement market.
    Borrowing a line from Fastrack – another brand we have been associated with :) – the ‘How many you have’ times have arrived for the mobile phone.
    BTW – an interesting read: Watch that phone – watches that are also a phone ;)
    How do you see the category evolve. Do share your experiences and thoughts.
    Here is the Samsung Marine TVC:

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