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  • Idea – exotic monkey – ad.

  • Idea – exotic monkey – ad.

    Idea – exotic monkey – ad.

    Have you seen the new Idea cellular commercial?
    The one with the exotic monkey child who steals the sleeping man’s phone, hangs it around its neck and then selectively takes it to a basement; light house; jungle etc., all places you’d typically the network to be weak.
    The man’s obviously in demand, for the phone keeps ringing (great network), but our protagonist, scared/ tired of the constant ringing, travels all the way back to the man’s house (man’s still asleep), leaves the phone, heaves a sigh of relief. The phone rings again, the man picks up the phone…
    Point 1- There is a true lesson here: Only ‘man’ wants a hand-phone; everyone else thinks it’s useless. Agreed.
    Point 2 – Does it in anyway resemble the Hutch (puppy follows the boy – our network follows you, wherever you go) ad. Sure the treatment is different, and the execution is indeed very classy, but is the core ‘network’ idea the same?
    Let me know what you think.

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