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  • India Digital Brand Index 2.0

  • India Digital Brand Index 2.0

    India Digital Brand Index 2.0

    Edelman and Brandtology have jointly brought out the second edition of its Digital Brand Index for India. Covering the last quarter of 2009, this edition of the study tracked 154,492 online conversations pertaining to 104 large technology brands contained in 306 influential channels.
    Here are some of the brands that emerged on top of the charts:

    From the first edition of this survey in the previous quarter, i.e. July to September 2009, Samsung(Client) is now ranked #4 among the top 10 buzziest brands in India this quarter, i.e. October to December 2009; and the only consumer technology brand to feature in the top 5 (Google#1, Microsoft#2, Yahoo!#3 and Apple #5) during the period Oct-Dec 2009. With Samsung showing a significant leap of 3 positions in the list of top buzziest technology brands, it is reaffirming to know that some of the social media work we did for Samsung India’s Social Media campaign has shown results.
    The study also derives that there has been an exponential 123% increase in the number of brand mentions for Samsung during Oct-Dec (6,548 brand mentions). The Samsung Corby Colour Wars contest on Twitter as part of our Social Media campaign for Samsung India is likely to have contributed to this quantum leap. Our own post-activity analyses had shown around 3000 mentions of Samsung Corby, amounting to nearly 615000 exposures.
    It was also interesting to note that many of the insights shared by the report are being employed by the team in our approach already. Sharing some key insights here:

    • Brands should integrate their digital communication along with their offline communication for best results
    • Marketers should consider implications of timing, alongside targeting and channel selection as a part of a social media engagement program
    • Conversations grow early in the week, spike on a Wednesday, and then taper off towards a weekend
    • Leading online content creators (influencers) are actively being wooed by brands
    • It’s time for brands to build the next set of influencers who are not sceptic about direct communication, and are likely to be influenced by the sheer gesture of reaching out

    Do share your thoughts on the study too.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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