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  • India Online – 2007

    India Online – 2007

    It has been a busy start to the year and even as the ‘Cool List of 2006’ post remains pending still, I have been thinking about what possible trends/ consolidation to expect online/ on the Indian blogosphere this year:

    1. Year before last a client of mine was disapproving of my team’s effort to get her brand visibility online. She thought it was ‘easy’ to get featured online and therefore didn’t count for much. I was quite amused by the reaction, as my own online experience had assured me of the medium’s power – my online writings have always been seen by more people; commented upon by more people; they stay around longer; can be linked; emailed… I can carry on. Coupled with the ‘ease’ of web 2.0, where I can do anything myself; put up anything on You Tube or Digg the power multiples, making the world truly flat. You are as good, as you really are! I think the online medium has arrived and will gain ground rapidly
    2. When we launched last week with the Blog the Talk series, IMPACT weekly agreed to carry the content in a 2 part series. We were able to reach an entirely different community of readers through the exercise and the talk was read by a much larger audience, in addition to those who were already online . I like this marriage of mainstream with blogs. As blogs produce more and more compelling content, the trend is going to gain ground
    3. I chanced upon a celebrity CEO’s blog the other day. Very newbie, but very promising. I could see myself writing a blog a few months ago, struggling with template back-ends etc. but soon that became a thing of the past and I could actually concentrate on the writing part. I can see more and more experts and thought leaders joining the blogosphere and as that happens, credibility of blogs is going to go up too
    4. How do you search for a word you don’t know? However good Google may be, or might become, search will remain limited to a word I know or alternately one that appears in most popular tags etc. – I think aggregators will have an important role to play
    5. ‘Push button publishing’ also means a lot of junk to sift through, before you reach what is really worth reading or what you were really looking for. There were be renewed need for human intervention to bring out what’s special and outstanding – concepts such as Digg etc. are already doing that, but India specific content might see more of that – many more web 1.0 sites moving to web 2.0 interactivity

    May it be a joyful year!

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