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  • India PR piece – Experiments with Social Media

  • India PR piece – Experiments with Social Media

    India PR piece – Experiments with Social Media

    India PR has a loyal readership among the public relations agencies and Hobbit, who runs the blog (and does a phenomenal job of it and does so remaining anonymous) requested me to do a piece for the site and I wrote something for a relatively younger audience.
    Here are the excepts from the piece “Experiments with Social Media”:
    “Last month a client of ours, in the online publishing space, was complaining about staff spending time on Orkut while in office. He wanted this to stop…
    We recommended, as part of our strategy, that it be made a part of the KRA for the team to spend time – every day- on not just Orkut but on other social networking and book-marking sites – participating & gaining insights from conversations they pick up; creating, managing relevant & synergetic communities.
    The initial shock from both parties however led to quick adoption…”

    “So where do we begin?
    1. We are all on social networking sites, aren’t we? Well, let’s begin from there – try and find communities dedicated to your client’s brand
    – How big are they?
    – Who are the people talking about your brand/s? What seem to be the demographic and
    psych graphic profiles of these people?
    – What are they saying about the brand? Positive and negative both have value
    – Go make sense of it.”
    You can read the piece on India PR

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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